Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are an employee, employer, current union member, or just have questions of what one of our unions can do for you.

Is the CLA  a real Union?

The Christian Labor Association is a bona fide independent union recognized by the United States Government through the National Labor Relations Board and Department of Labor.

Where is the CLA – I haven’t heard of them?

The CLA is comprised of members located throughout the United States. As a member of the CLA you will feel the support from union members across the country working in building construction, highway and heavy construction, transportation, manufacturing, service, and agricultural industries.

What about the reference to “Christian” ?

Christian Principles are in our founding and guiding philosophy, the CLA is not a church or a church-based organization. We provide representation regardless of religion, creed, race, color or national origin.

Will my dues support politicians or political activity?

No. We believe that you should have the right to make up your own mind about what political party to support.

What type of benefits does the CLA-USA offer?

Our members are provided access to health insurance, life insurance, dental, vision, income replacement insurance, defined benefit and defined contribution retirement benefits along with 401(k) plans.

If I join the CLA, can my employer fire me?

Federal law gives workers the right to unionize without punishment or retaliation.  The CLA will support you in enforcing the law if your employer threatens dismissal, layoff, reduced hours, or closure, that such actions are illegal.

If I am part of another union bargaining group, can my workplace switch to the CLA?

Yes, within certain time frames established by federal laws, typically commencing 90-days before end of your contract.  Please contact one of our representatives to learn more.


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